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Welcome to CES 2024 – the tech showcase where you don’t just see cool gadgets; you can buy them now. No fancy prototypes or distant dreams here. We’re all about what you can get your hands on today. Forget the future; let’s dive into the real stuff from CES 2024 that’s up for grabs. Ready to check out the gadgets you can actually own? Let’s do it.

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EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Power Station: $5,799

Say hello to the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Power Station – a powerhouse for your place. Priced at $5,799, it’s a big battery giving you 21.6 kW of power. But the cool part? It’s not stuck at home; you can roll it around. Unplug it from your smart panel, toss it in your RV, or take it to your little cabin in the woods. It’s like having a Tesla Powerwall on wheels.

The CES 2024 team called it just that, and it’s ready to roll out to your place starting Jan. 9. If you’re into portable power that packs a punch, the EcoFlow Delta Pro is your go-to.

Rabbit R1 AI Device: $199

Meet your personal assistant, the Rabbit R1 A1 device, priced at just $199. Imagine swapping out apps for an operating system that does the work for you. How? Voice command. Just tell it what to do, and it handles your phone’s apps like a pro.

No need to dive into your phone; the Rabbit R1 A1 gets things done for you. Exciting news? It’s up for pre-order now, set to ship in mid-March. For $199, it’s your shortcut to a tech-savvy personal assistant. Ready to give your thumbs a break?

Y-Brush Electric Toothbrush: $100

Meet the Y-Brush, a toothbrush that’s all about saving time. Just put it in your mouth, bite down, press the button, and boom – all your teeth brushed in 20 seconds. It’s not a new kid on the block; we’ve seen it evolve since CES 2017. Started a bit shaky, but with time, it’s become a favorite.

Guess what? The 2023 model is ready to roll on Amazon. Want a quick and efficient brushing routine? The Y-Brush has your back, no more long minutes spent in front of the mirror.

Clicks for iPhone: From $139

Get ready to click with the Clicks for iPhone – a slick keyboard case for your iPhone 14 Pro, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Priced from $139, this is your shortcut to the good ol’ clicky keyboard feel.

Exciting news? You can already pre-order it! First shipments are gearing up to go out on Feb. 1. Fancy adding that classic click to your iPhone? Clicks for iPhone has you covered.

Anker Qi2 Charging Accessories: From $22

Anker, the go-to for charging gear, is back with a bang. Their latest? Qi 2-certified wireless charging products that won’t break the bank. Starting at just $22, you’ve got options galore.

Picture this: wireless charging pucks, magnetic battery packs, and multi-device charging docks. Anker’s got them fresh off the CES 2024 floor and the best part? They’re ready for your gadgets right now. Plug into the future of charging without burning a hole in your pocket.

Garmin Lily 2: $250

Upgrade your wrist game with the Garmin Lily 2, the chic watch that does more. Priced at $250, it’s not just about style; it’s got the smarts too. What’s new? Sleep score functionality, tracking your ZZZs like a pro. And for fitness buffs, it throws in five extra sports apps, including a dance fitness mode.

Ready to make a statement? The Garmin Lily 2 is up for grabs, bringing both fashion and function to your wrist. Don’t just track time; own it.

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HP Omen Transcend 14: From $1,520

Gaming just got a lot more portable with the HP Omen Transcend 14. Priced from $1,520, it’s a powerhouse you can carry. Packing an Intel Core Ultra 9 185H and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070, this laptop is not messing around.

Exciting news? You can pre-order it now, and it’s set to ship on Feb. 21. Ready to level up your gaming on the go? The HP Omen Transcend 14 is your ticket.

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker: $999

Get ready to become the master of your own barbecue with the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker, priced at $999. This unique countertop cooker is here to make your meat-smoking dreams come true, and the best part? You can do it all year round.

How does it work? The magic lies in the wood pellets and the tightly sealed chamber. Keep the smoke in, and the barbecue taste stays put, no fumes invading your home. Plus, there’s an app for that! Smart integrations give you remote control and monitoring, along with a load of mouth-watering recipes.

Are you ready to bring the BBQ indoors? The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is waiting to add a dash of smoky goodness to your culinary adventures.

OWC ThunderBlade X8: From $1,750

Say hello to the OWC ThunderBlade X8, the second-gen speedster for your laptop’s storage needs. Starting at $1,750, it’s not just an upgrade; it’s a power boost.

What’s new? It’s got 17% more capacity in RAID 4 or RAID 5 compared to its predecessor. Plus, it’s zippier when connected to Macs using Apple’s M-series processors, transferring data 17% faster.

Ready to amp up your external storage game? The OWC ThunderBlade X8 is here, available in 8TB and 16TB models. And guess what? A 32TB version is in the works, giving you even more space for all those files and projects. Don’t just store; thunder your data with the ThunderBlade X8.

Unistellar Odyssey and Odyssey Pro: From $2,500

Ready to explore the stars? Say hello to Unistellar’s latest stargazing telescopes – the Odyssey and Odyssey Pro, starting at $2,500. These are not your average backyard telescopes; they’re designed for the enthusiasts who want to dive deep into the cosmos.

Now, let’s talk tech. How do they compare to the higher-end EVscope 2? It’s like getting a taste of the heavens without breaking the bank. These telescopes come with automatic autofocus and pixel binning technology, making stargazing a breeze.

Here’s the catch: The Odyssey is for the app-savvy astronomer, relying on the companion app for the full experience. On the other hand, the Odyssey Pro comes with an optical viewfinder for those who prefer the classic touch.

Want to bring the wonders of the universe a bit closer? The Unistellar Odyssey and Odyssey Pro are your passports to an astronomical journey without the astronomical price tag.

Evolve Mvmt: $499

Step into the future with the Evolve Mvmt, a $499 ankle band that’s all about how you walk, not just how much you move. If you’re tired of the same old fitness trackers, this might be your game-changer.

No more just counting steps; the Evolve Mvmt measures your walking impact, focusing on reducing the strain on your joints. It’s not your average fitness tracker – it’s a personalized walking coach.

Sure, it’s a bit on the pricey side at $499, but if you’re serious about taking care of your joints and want a fitness tracker that goes beyond the basics, the Evolve Mvmt might just be your perfect fit. Walk smarter, not harder.

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In Crux

And there you have it, a sneak peek into the tech wonders of CES 2024 that you can bring into your life right now. From power-packed stations to smart smokers, your gadget game just got a serious upgrade.

No need to wait for the future; it’s here, ready for you to explore. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of CES 2024, click that order button, and make these innovations yours. Your tech-filled journey starts today!

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